The project " Integration of nature protection in forest management and its relation to other forest functions/services " (INTEGRATE 1) aims at providing an insight on the potentials of integrating nature protection measures to forest management while addressing other forest functions/services.

One of the main project highlights is to compare policy measures and conservation strategies for managed forests in different European countries so as to determine to which degree they contribute to nature protection/biodiversity conservation.

A set of national/regional reports, giving detailed information on current policies and legislation, form a general basis for the analys is and the comparison of different national/regional situations and give an acute comprehension of the implied consequences for nature protection issues (see the pdf version of the report below). 

In a final step, publications and presentations based on the analysis of various European countries variables will be generated  through different media.

Finally, the set of country reports will be expanded over time to establish a database for a further analysis of the targeted European countries / regions.

Country reports:
click on the country name to download the pdf version of the report.


Germany (BW)





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The Netherlands

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