Ongoing projects



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Establishing a European network of demonstration sites for the integration of biodiversity conservation into forest management



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Introduced Tree Species in European Forests 



Completed projects


2014-2015 FireEfficient Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in EU landscapes

2013-2015 FRISK-GO Towards a European Forest Risk Facility

2012-2014 COOL Competing Uses of Forest Land - The future of integrative and segregative policy and forest management approaches in Europe

2011-2013: CI-SFM Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe.

2010-2012 INTEGRATE: Integration of nature protection in forest management and its relation to other forest functions/services. INTEGRATE 1 and INTEGRATE 2 projects.

2011-2012 Forest Ownership Map of Europe

2012 EU-FAP Ex-post evaluation of the EU Forest Action Plan

2011-2012 Perceived image of FLEGT timber within the EU timber market

2010-2011 Support to FOREST EUROPE and UNECE/FAO in reporting on the ‘State of Europe’s Forests 2011’
Qualitative indicators: national policies, institutions and instruments for SFM and by policy areas. Quantitative indicators

2010-2011 EUTR - Study on the development of non-legislative acts as provided for in the EU Timber Regulation

2010-2011 Improving international forest products price information

2010 Indicator Analytic Networks – modelling the concept of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and its multiple cause-effect relationships

2010 Adapted indicator set for sustainable forest management (SFM): case study Dinh Hoa district, Northern Vietnam

2010 2010 PhD course on “International Forestry and Global Issues"

2009-2010 STORMS - Destructive Storms in European Forests – Past and Forthcoming Impacts

2006 - 2010 Fire Paradox - An Innovative Approach of Integrated Wildland Fire Management Regulating the Wildfire Problem by the Wise Use of Fire: Solving the FIRE PARADOX (FP6-018505)

Portal on Forest Policies, Institutions and Instruments
The aim of the project is to collect and provide forest relevant policy information in a comprehensive web portal.